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DynamIP - Dynamic IP DNS Service

With DynamIP's Dynamic IP service, you get the functionality of a static IP address, but without the extra cost! Get a permanent domain name for your PC that always points to your changing dynamic IP address!

DynamIP - A Free Web Server For You!

With DynamIP's Dynamic IP service, you can run your own server (i.e. web, ftp, mail server) from your desktop PC! Easily connect with your friends to play multi-player games. Quickly and simply access your work PC from home, and much more! What's more, the first 30 days are absolutely free!

Why DynamIP?

The Internet uses numbers, called IP Addresses,which are similar to phone numbers, for all computers attached to it. Instead of forcing us to remember these numbers, the Internet allows us to use memorable names, like acme.com. Special servers called nameservers on the Internet accept these names and do a directory lookup, resolving them to their numeric IP addresses. Your PC then uses this IP address to connect to the remote host. Every time you connect to the Internet your computer gets assigned a different IP Address. Imagine keeping track of your phone number if the Phone Company changed it every day! DynamIP gives your computer an Internet Name that automatically points to your current IP address every time you connect to the Internet.

Why would I do this?

If you want to run a server from your desktop, you can give your DynamIP Internet Name to your customers and they can find your server without ever knowing your current IP address! DynamIP's Internet Name technology works great with multi-player internet games, video conferencing (i.e. NetMeeting), voice conferencing (i.e. IP Phone) and remote access (i.e. PC Anywhere). DynamIP allows you to run your own web site, ftp site, even your own mail server - right from your own PC! No More ISP hosting fees! You can use your Internet Name with all Internet applications where your current IP address is required.

You can have your own Internet Name within minutes of running the DynamIP Client program. Your new Internet Name will be immediately available to the Internet. Use it free for 30 days!

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