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DynamIP Frequently Asked Questions

There is also a technical FAQ online which covers more in-depth questions. Newest FAQ answers are found at the bottom of the page.

Answers to the following questions are available:

What is DynamIP?

DynamIP allows you to assign a fixed machine name to a dynamic IP address.

What is a Dynamic IP address?

When you connect to your ISP, you are assigned an IP (Internet Protocol) address. This IP address belongs to you for the duration of the connection, although your ISP may also change your IP address during the connection. Each time you connect, you are assigned a new IP address.

What if I want to run a server on my PC?

This is where the problem begins. Let's say you want to run an FTP server on your PC. Each time you connect, you are assigned a new IP address. If you want other people to connect to your PC, you have to tell them to connect to this IP address - and that address is only good for a limited time!

How does DynamIP help?

DynamIP runs a special program on your PC. Every time you connect to the Internet, this program contacts DynamIP and tells it what your IP address is. DynamIP updates its nameserver, so that you appear instantly to the rest of the internet. All DynamIP address appear as "name.dynamip.com".

For instance, let's say you registered "happy.dynamip.com". You dial into your ISP. The DynamIP application recognizes your newly assigned IP address and contacts the DynamIP server. The DynamIP server instantly assigns your new IP address to "happy.dynamip.com". This way, anybody who types "happy.dynamip.com" in their web browser is instantly connected to your PC!

What does this let me do?

  • You can run a web server, FTP server, mail server, just about any kind of server you can think of, right in your own home!
  • Your ISP charges extra for a web site? Use DynamIP to host your own web site, right from your own PC!
  • Does your ISP limit the amount of file space you can have online for your web or FTP site? Now you can offer unlimited storage, by serving it directly from your own PC!
  • Want to play games with a friend, over the Internet? Now you will have your own addresses, regardless of connection type.

How can I connect?

Whether you dial into your ISP with a modem, use a cable modem, or even ADSL, DynamIP will work with your connection.

What does it cost?

Full pricing information is available here.

Will it work in my country?

It makes no difference where you live, who your ISP is, or where it is located. If you connect to the Internet with your PC, you can use DynamIP!

What about Macintosh/Linux/Unix?

DynamIP supports Windows PC's only with its IPGet technology. However, it is possible to manually use DynamIP with other operating systems. See the technical FAQ for more information.

What if I don't want to use the "dynamip.com" domain in my address?

By default, your address will be "something.dynamip.com". You may want to use the free redirection service at http://come.to to redirect people to your DynamIP address, without letting them know you are running DynamIP. Or, if you have your own domain, you can set up a CNAME record in your DNS server to point to your DynamIP address. Or, you could set up your web server to redirect people to your DynamIP address for certain pages or files. Lastly, you could set up frames on your main web site that load certain pages from your DynamIP site.

NOTE: You must have Internet Explorer 3.01 or later installed in order for the DynamIP application to function!

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