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Using DynamIP on Other Operating Systems

DynamIP updates the main server automatically using an application called IPGet. IPGet operates under Windows 95/98, ME, NT4, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. However, it is possible to use DynamIP without the IPGet application.

If you have the knowledge required to create a program or script which will open a web page URL at a specified interval, you can use DynamIP. In UNIX or Linux, you could use a CRON job to start Netscape, for instance.

DynamIP expects to see an update from your PC every fifteen minutes. If twenty minutes goes by without an update, DynamIP assumes you have gone offline, and resets your IP address to Therefore, you need to send an update once every fifteen minutes. Sending updates more often than this will not make any difference, and in fact will cause the system to disallow your updates altogether, to prevent overloading the system.

The URL you need to open is as follows (URL is shown on two lines for clarity, it should be combined into a single line for use):


You would replace (siteid) with your Login name, (password) with your password, (ipaddress) with your IP address, and ProgVer should always remain at 1.0. As an example, say your login was "George", your password was "Test", and your IP address was You would have your system open this URL once every fifteen minutes:


If you don't have a method of determining your IP address, you can replace it with the word "AUTO" (in upper case). This will cause the DynamIP server to determine your IP address, and update automatically using that IP address:



When the IP address has been set successfully, the following will be returned:

IP Address for SiteID set to
Expiry[[[4/2/2008 5:24:41 PM]]]

The expiry date is the date and time the account expires (either a free trial account, or a paid account). The Remain value is the number of hours remaining until the account expires.

The following are the errors that can be returned:

{{{Invalid IP Address|The IP Address you have specified, is invalid. If you are having problems, please email info@dynamip.com.}}}

This indicates that the IP address you specified, in this case, is invalid. If you specify a badly formed IP address, or an IP address that is a nonroutable IP address, you will be returned this error.

{{{Invalid UserID/Password|The User ID or password you have specified is invalid. If you are having problems, please email info@dynamip.com.}}}

This indicates the user ID and/or the password could not be validated.

{{{Account Expired|Your DynamIP.com account has expired. Please visit DynamIP.com to sign up or renew your account. If you have questions, please email info@dynamip.com}}}

This indicates the account specified has expired, and must be renewed in order to function.

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